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Our Immigration Attorneys are dedicated to helping families, individuals, and businesses find immigration solutions. Call us at (323) 803 7147. 

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Our Immigration attorneys have a combined immigration experience of over 50 years. We are dedicated to assisting individuals in everything from green cards, federal appeals, deportation defense to visas and  U.S citizenship.

Labor Law

More often than not employees are taken advantage of when it comes to wage and hour disputes. Whether your hours were cut unfairly due to retaliation or discrimination or you are being denied sales commissions you earned or you were being paid late or not paid overtime wages, we can help.

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Criminal Defense

Everyone is guaranteed the right to a fair trial and due process. We help our clients navigate the complex legal system and avoid jail by fighting for acquittals, reducing penalties, or arranging jail alternatives such as work release.

Record Clearing

Having a conviction on your record can have serious immigration consequences and negatively affects your ability to secure employment in today’s competitive job market. Our Immigration Attorneys help individuals clear their criminal records.

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Passionate, Client-Centered & Multilingual

With over 20 years of successfully defending our clients and clearing their records, our immigration attorneys have the Passion, Dedication, and Expertise to effectively handle your case.

We know the industry standard, but at The Law Offices Of Shan Potts, we choose to work above it.

“We understand our clients’ objectives and exceed their expectations by providing innovative legal solutions and quality customer service.” Shan D Potts, Attorney & CEO

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Top 10 BEST Immigration Attorney

Immigrants in the U.S. face unique challenges and opportunities. Our immigration attorneys are passionate about helping clients overcome these challenges. Our firm is dedicated to finding the right legal solutions for families, individuals, and businesses. We offer our clients expertise to navigate complex immigration matters.

By utilizing the latest technology, research databases, and most importantly successful experience, we are prepared for an immediate and effective response to any urgent crisis.


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Interest Free Payment Plans

We will work with you to create an interest-free payment plan that works for you.

Time is Money

We make sure all of your applications and petitions are filed at the right time every time.

Multilingual Staff

Our diverse staff can assist the clients in multiple languages.


All of your information is safe with us. We will not share your file with anyone without your consent.

At Your Fingertips

Have a question? Send us a text at 7472317426. We will respond to all text messages.

Global Representation

Our Attorneys will represent you in courts all across the country.

Meet Our Team


Shan D Potts

Shan D Potts

Attorney & CEO

Shan D. Potts, Esq. is a Representative for anyone who has an immigration issue. Mr. Potts says nothing compares to practicing law and that advocating for those who need a voice is extremely rewarding.

Catalina Zech

Catalina Zech

Ms. Zech was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and is our Operations Manager. She handles all business related aspects of our firm and makes sure we’re functioning efficiently. Catalina is also an alumni of the University of LaVerne.

Jerrell Martin

Jerrell Martin

Jerrell Martin was born and raised in Harlem, New York. He then attended Delaware State University and graduated Cum Laude in Political Science. While at Delaware State, Jerrel was part of the Student Government, member of the Men’s Council and was in the Universities Marching Band. He is currently prepping to take the bar and become a practicing attorney in the state of California. Jerrell is also a youth counselor. He talks, coaches and guides the city’s youth when he’s not in the office.


What People Are Saying

“Attorney Potts was so helpful with my green card process. I did not have any difficulties throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Potts Martinez for any immigration related matters. I will come back to Potts Martinez when I am eligible to apply for citizenship.”

Fill Park

Client, Adjustment of Status

“I am so grateful to Mr. Potts when it looked almost in possible Mr potts made it happen .i cant say enough about his professionalism and service ..thank you so much.” Joe Barrantes

Client, Removal Proceedings

“I was amazed by the warm and pleasant welcome I received at Shan Potts Law Office in DTLA. Professionalism and happiness in what they do best was the first thing I noticed and since then they’ve all been good to me and I could call or walk into the office anytime. Thanks to the team for the wonderful teamwork. Moreover, I will be glad to refer your office to anyone I come across.” Emmanuel Olatunji


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Latest Articles

SCOTUS Says No More Bonds For Detained Immigrants

SCOTUS Says No More Bonds For Detained Immigrants

IMMIGRATION 2019 SCTOUS : Immigrants Can be Detained Forever Without a Bond Hearing Shan D Potts, Attorney at Law In the recent Supreme Court case, Nielsen v Preap, decided on March 19th, 2019, a majority of justices sided with the Trump Administration in indefinitely...

The Benefits of Clearing Your Criminal Record

The Benefits of Clearing Your Criminal Record

CRIMINAL RECORD CLEARING The Benefits of Clearing Your Record Shan Potts Law Offices As we observe an influx of DACA applications being filed in the past few years, it is inevitable that among success stories, many applicants are also denied. However, there is one...

The Importance of Legal Analysis as an Immigrant

The Importance of Legal Analysis as an Immigrant

IMMIGRATION 2018 The Importance of Legal Analysis as an Immigrant Shan Potts Law Offices   Throughout the progression of 2018, the current social climate and governmental administrations have placed a heavy emphasis on all affairs related to immigration. As such,...

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What is your success rate for USCIS applications?

We have a vast number of approved applications for Visas, Work Permits and other immigration-related applications. If you would like to apply for a Work Permit or any other benefit that requires a processed application, feel free to call and schedule a FREE consultation.

What if I just want information?

The legal world can be a daunting and intimidating place, our diverse and friendly staff is always open and ready to answer any questions you may have. If you would like further information or feel like you may have a case, schedule a free consultation with one of our helpful staff members.

Can I have multiple services with your office?

Yes. Being a unique law firm that offers both Criminal Defense services and Immigration Relief, we combine the services of many law firms into one.

How much is your hourly fee?

Since each case is different,  we don’t have a set hourly rate. Some cases may require much less work than others while others may be much more complex. If you would like to know more info, call and schedule a Free Consultation today.

Will I get regular status updates on my case?

Yes. Depending on your case, we will keep you informed on all vital immigration updates. We also give our clients the ability to keep track of their applications online. At The Law Offices Of Shan Potts, everything is focused towards making our clients feel assured and taken care of.

What If I have a hearing in a different state?

Whether you have a case in California or out of state, our team of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys are more than equipped to handle your case. We’ve had successful trials in Kansas, Virginia, Texas, Arizona, and Utah to name a few.

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