After an Immigration Protest by the Not1More Campaign, another activist group in Philadelphia protested on the streets to stop deportations. This protest led to the arrest of 4 activists among those were an activist minister, an undocumented mother of U.S Citizens, an U.S citizen teenager whose mother is undocumented and a member of the immigration support group Juntos.

About 50 supporters took to the streets of philly to protest deportations after last week’s Supreme Court Ruling. The protesters gathered at 10:00 A.M in front of the Immigration and Custom Enforcement Office at 16th and Callowhill Streets, and started marching around the immigration office. The protesters then proceeded to blocked the Broad street exit of the Vine Street Expressway in Center for more than an hour from 11:00 A.M.

The four who were arrested by the police used plastic tubes to link their arms across the 15th street. Shortly after Philadelphia police along with members of the civil affairs unit responded to the scene. Homeland Security agents cut the tubing, as the police were re-routing the traffic.

Asked why he was risking the arrest, Rev. Adan Mairena, of the West Kensington Ministry of Norris Square said: “Because there are 4.4 million people suffering a lot more than I am”.

This is the second protest by an Immigration activist group in two days, more protest in different cities are expected in the days to come.

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