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Shan Potts Law Offices consists of a group of diverse, dedicated, professional and friendly staff who are always ready to take up a challenge.

About Us

Why our team is special

Immigration, Criminal Defense and Post Conviction are key services we offer here at The Law Offices Of Shan Potts.

When it comes to criminal convictions, no matter how small they may appear, they can cause long-term consequences if left unchecked.

With Immigration cases, It’s imperative to have an experienced attorney handling your case. Deportation and visa denials are some of many consequences that can arise from not taking the proper precautions.

With over 20 years of successfully defending our clients and clearing their records, we have the Passion, Dedication and Expertise to effectively handle your case.

We know the industry standard, but at The Law Offices Of Shan Potts, we choose to work above it.

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Complete guidance in completing applications

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Interest Free Payment Plans

We will work with you to create an interest-free payment plan that works.

Multilingual Staff

Our diverse staff can assist the clients in multiple languages.

At Your Fingertips

Have a question? Send us a text at 7472317426.

Time is Money

We make sure all of your applications and petitions are filed at the right time every time.


All of your information is safe with us. We will not share your file with anyone without your consent.

Global Representation

Our Attorneys will represent you in courts all across the country.


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“Attorney Potts was so helpful with my green card process. I did not have any difficulties throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Potts Martinez for any immigration related matters. I will come back to Potts Martinez when I am eligible to apply for citizenship.“

Fill Park

Former Client

“I am so grateful to Mr. Potts when it looked almost in possible Mr potts made it happen .i cant say enough about his professionalism and service ..thank you so much.“

Joe Barrantes

Former Client

“I was amazed by the warm and pleasant welcome I received at Shan Potts Law Office in DTLA. Professionalism and happiness in what they do best was the first thing I noticed and since then they’ve all been good to me and I could call or walk into the office anytime. Thanks to the team for the wonderful teamwork.
Moreover, I will be glad to refer your office to anyone I come across.“

Emmanuel Olatunji

Current Client

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